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The MemorialIMG_8938

In 2000 local veterans and their families wanted to pay homage to all United States veterans who served in the Vietnam Era (from approximately 1959-1975), regardless of where they were stationed. It’s taken eight years for this memorial to start as a dream and turn into reality.

Aloft on its pedestal is the most recognized helicopter type in the world – the Bell UH-1, better known as the “Huey.” Thousands of lives were literally saved because of the dependability of the Huey and bravery of her crews. It stands as a humanitarian symbol that brought compassion and lifesaving during this time in our history.

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Canby Fire 9/11 Memorial13379696-mmmain

In 2011 retired Division Chief Troy Buzalsky thought Canby needed a place to pay tribute to the people that were lost on 9-11-2001. With the help of the community the memorial was 911memorial1started we have always believed that it will never be complete there is always something to contribute. From to flowers that the community places on it, to a future interpretive path from the parking lot we will always strive to make it better so we will never forget 9/11

The Canby community is very fortunate to also have a peace garden with a relic of the World Trade Center at Ackerman School and a Vietnam memorial at the entrance to town.